Platform Allows Users to Access Numerous Exchanges Via One Trading Terminal

A startup based in Kyiv, Ukraine says its trading terminal Superorder, which is powered by automation features, can aggregate crypto trades across multiple exchanges, allowing investors to centralise their trading activities.

Superorder: Redefining trading terminals

According to the developers, Superorder is a “next generation trading terminal,” which provides users with centralized trading on any exchange from a single place.

The platform is still in its infancy, but the team say it has the ability to bring enhanced speed and convenience to crypto traders who use several exchanges.

Launched in 2018, the company was able to raise $500,000 in a funding round in August, led by Ukraine-based venture capital firm SMRK VC Fund.

While the startup says the terminal provides access to a wide array of exchanges, the platform currently supports only Bittrex, Coinbase and Malta-based Binance.

The company is working on integrating with other cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Poloniex, Bitfinex and BitMEX. According to its press release, the trading terminal works by connecting to a chosen exchange’s API, which allows Superorder to interact with the platform on behalf of the user.

Superorder says it doesn’t provide bots for traders to profit with. They provide a platform that “has automation flows capabilities, allowing traders to set pre-program rules that can minimize losses and maximize profits.”

While multiple trades can be executed on the terminal, the team highlights that withdrawal requests will still be carried out on the individual exchanges.

Strategy builder and chart timeframes

The platform has some features that it believes will attract professional traders. These include the ability to carry out hidden trades, an extended chart time frame and the tracking of a user’s portfolio across multiple markets.

The strategy builder is similar to a trading bot designed to take specific actions based on predetermined parameters.  Using a visual drag-and-drop editor, the strategy builder can program a sequence of activities that automates your trade.

According to the developers, traders can build automation strategies that allow partial sells for different tokens at different price levels. Automation features like Trailing Stop, which is a bit similar to the Stop Loss capabilities on popular exchanges, fills a sell order once a token gets to a specified price point.

Superorder says the strategy builder is the primary feature that demonstrates the platform’s commitment to automation and simplicity.

Hidden orders and portfolio tracking

Hidden Order is a feature the company says would provide traders with privacy. It’s similar to going incognito on the market, allowing the users to execute multiple trades in an undisclosed manner.

Portfolio tracking allows the trader to monitor the performances of their holdings. Superorder says its trading terminal can gather data from various exchanges to ensure that the users are always up to speed regarding the value of their digital assets.

Superorder is still in beta, as the developers are still working on the final iteration of the terminal. When it launches, the terminal will work with a monthly paid subscription. Access to the trading terminal will cost $15/month (for the annual plan) or $19.99 paid monthly. The subscription plan will provide access to the full suite of Superorder tools.

Users can join the waiting list, which qualifies them to get two months free access on the platform.

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