Bitcoin Pushes Past $4,100 as Top Cryptos See Mixed Movements

Sunday, March 31 — the top 20 cryptocurrencies are reporting mixed, mostly mild, price movements on the day by press time, as Bitcoin (BTC) reaches just over $4,100.

Market visualization courtesy of Coin360

Bitcoin has seen nearly no price movement on the day, up just a fraction of a percent trading at around $4,105, according to CoinMarketCap. Looking at its weekly chart, the current price is over two percent lower than the value of BTC one week ago.

Bitcoin 7-day price chart

Bitcoin 7-day price chart courtesy of CoinMarketCap

Ethereum (ETH) is holding onto its position as the largest altcoin by market cap, which is at about $14.9 billion. The second-largest altcoin, Ripple (XRP), has a market cap of about $12.9 billion by press time.

ETH has also seen little change today, down by a fraction of a percent over the last 24 hours. At press time, ETH is trading around $141, after having started the day at nearly the same price. On its weekly chart, however, Ethereum has seen its value increase by about three percent.

Ethereum 7-day price

Ethereum 7-day price chart courtesy of CoinMarketCap

The market’s second-largest altcoin, XRP, has lost about one percent over the 24 hours to press time, and is currently trading at around $0.309. Looking at the coin’s weekly chart, its current price is nearly identical to the one it reported a week ago.

Ripple 7-day price chart

Ripple 7-day price chart courtesy of CoinMarketCap

Earlier this week news broke that India’s Federal Bank, a commercial private bank, has partnered with Ripple to use its network for cross-border remittances.

Among the top 20 cryptocurrencies, the one reporting the most notable price movement is Tezos (XTZ), which is up by about 16 percent. XTZ’s value has seen huge growth of 56 percent in the past week, following Tezos protocol developments.

Dash (DASH) has also seen notable price movement on the day and week, up seven and 12 percent respectively.

Litecoin (LTC) — currently the fifth largest coin by market — has seen its price double in the first three months of the current year, growing from about $30 to about $60. This constitutes the best first quarter performance for the coin so far.

Litecoin 3-month price chart

Litecoin 3-month price chart courtesy of CoinMarketCap

The total market cap of all cryptocurrencies is currently equivalent to about $144 billion, which is about 3 percent higher than $140 billion, the value it saw one week ago.

As Cointelegraph reported earlier today, the most popular social media platform in Russia, VKontakte, is allegedly considering developing its own cryptocurrency.

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