Binance.US Cryptocurrency Exchange to List NEO and ATOM

The United States-focused wing of leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance will add support for Neo (NEO) and Cosmos (ATOM).

Binance.US announced on Oct. 30 that it will add full trading support for the two tokens on Oct. 31, both of which are among the top-20 tokens by market capitalization according to Coin360.

Per the announcement, users can already start depositing funds before trading commences at 9:00 p.m. EST tomorrow. 

Cosmos provides a blockchain-based platform that works as a mediator between different blockchains. It launched its first ecosystem hub in March 2019 after raising $17.3 million in its token sale in April 2017.

Neo is a decentralized open-source blockchain application platform. In September, Neo became the first blockchain member of Microsoft’s open-source project, the .NET Foundation. 

At press time, NEO is up by 4.32% to trade at $10.87, while ATOM is trading sideways, down 0.23% to trade at $3.10.

Binance lists SEC-compliant token for $250,000 “long-term payment”

Earlier this week, Binance’s main platform listed Blockstack’s STX token when the firm paid Binance a $250,000 “long-term payment” to ensure that the token remains listed on the platform. A filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) from Blockstack reveals that Binance received 833,333 STX, which at the $0.30 token valuation provided by the company is equivalent to $250,000.

Binance states that it did not charge a listing fee to Blockstack and that the marketing payment was Blockstacks’ initiative. 

STX’s listing on Binance follows a $23 million token sale that was approved by the SEC under Regulation A+. An A+ funding round is a type of initial public offering for startups in need of early funding in which members of the public can participate.

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